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Premium Primary Care for Women (age 12+)


Talk about peri/menopause

Join me and 4 allied health colleagues offering information on this important topic


1st November

Ainslie Football Club 

5.30 pm 

For tickets ($35.72) scan the barcode

(ticket price covers venue and refreshments, this is a not-for-profit event)


Mirena/IUD/Implanon insertions & removals
Comprehensive care for peri/menopause
Management of periods & contraception
Pre-conception care
Medical termination of pregnancy
Personal care of general medical needs

We are proud to offer expertise in primary care for women.

A quiet clinic, with more time for each consultation, here you have the space to explore your health concerns.

We specialise in the pscyho-social impacts of women's health, peri/menopausal care, management of difficult periods, PCOS,

pre-conception concerns, contraception (birth control) and women's mental health.

Dr French is a highly experienced Mirena /IUD/Implanon proceduralist offering single-appointment access to insertions and removals to increase access to these devices. 

Quick Links

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Insertion/removal of devices for menstrual management and contraception

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Perimenopausal Support

Navigate the menopause with effective treatments using the latest evidence

Contraception & Periods

Insertion/removal of devices for menstrual management and contraception

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